Thursday, November 18, 2004

Obsessed: the Cabinet of Curiosities Speaks

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I downloaded "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gillman the other day. I was really into that story when I was younger and spending time at Elswhere made me think of it again. I'll write more about it later because there is a room on the 3rd floor that perfectly illustrates that story. For now, let's just say if it was the 19th Century and I was diagnosed with hysteria, individually inking and stamping each letter in this sign would not be reccomended.

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On Tuesday night I finally installed the dress and wig in the window. My piece explores the obsessive nature of collecting objects and the role these objects play in how we choose to order and present our memories, both real and imagined. I am transforming the window space into a fantastical room devoted to exploring the relationship between memory, fairy tales and desire.
I am asking people to look around Elsewhere and then write a response on a piece of fabric which I am going to incorporate into the installation.

installing wig
wall of albums
attention - work of art There's a big art event tomorrow night where they have a trolley that goes around town to all the openings so I'm hoping lots of people will come by for that. I've had some amazing responses so far. One couple came in and left a really beautiful drawing of a an open birdcage with a couple of feathers floating around it.
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Randynoy said...

Loving your Blog. The instalation is coming along, very cool.